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Conceal, Don't Feel, Don't Let Them Know


my scary pumpkin.

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The New World Shopping Mall has been abandoned since 1999. It shut its doors after being condemned by local regulators. A few years later a massive fire destroyed the structure’s roof. Not long after that monsoon rains flooded the lower floors.

As a way to combat the spread of mosquitoes and other insects breeding in the stagnant water, locals introduced koi and catfish to the former mall. Not only did the fish take care of the pest problem, they’ve thrived. It is now one of the world’s largest urban ponds.

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You’re allowed to be sad, but please don’t think that nobody loves you.

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identical twins have so much power tbh last year my lab partner steve came in with pierced ears and everyone was like whoa steve when did u get them pierced and he was like i’ve had them for 3 years. i’m not steve. and he just sat down and started taking notes. the next day steve came in and was like did u guys see my brother jake yesterday lmao we switched schools

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Bill Nye is my favorite

Dawkins needs to get over himself

Bam. Dawkins is a jerk.

Dawkins looks like he is being physically repelled by Bill Nye’s presence. Like Bill has this aura that pushes back assholes or something.

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Troye’s recent video had quite a lengthy airquote sequence (13, count ‘em).  Here is a collection of some others.

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when the red light just turns green and somebody is already beepin at you


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Soft rocks…

can you imagine though

you send your enemies a rather large amount of these in various sizes. you leave no return address or explanation. they open all the boxes to discover these wondrous pillows. they are reluctant to keep them but eventually they give in and integrate them into their home like the above pictures. after a few weeks or even months, theyve gotten accustomed to having them in their home and routinely relax in a large pile of the odd pillows. until one night you just take every single one back and replace them with actual rocks of the same dimensions so that when its time for them to relax and unwind from their day day fall into a pile of hard unmoving boulders. they break their spine and are paralyzed. you have won

What the fuck is wrong with you…

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